About Kelly

Born in Barbados, I came to this wonderful country when I was just four years old. Most of my childhood was spend in the west end of Ottawa. Even in my primary school days, I knew I’d one day own my own business. I spent many a day coming up with ideas of what an eight year old could do to be her own boss.

I always loved playing with people’s hair, even at a young age, but never considered it a career path for myself. Not even when a friend and I decided one summer when we were 15 that we’d start our own hairstyling company out of my dads basement lol.

Luckily, Fate has a way of putting you on the path that you need to be on eventually. Pregnant at the age of 18, I moved to Northern Ontario so my son could be closer to his dad. During this time I decided to study Hairstyling at the local college. Shortly after graduating, I ended up working in a local barbershop, and this would be the job that lay the foundation of my future. I learned to be a Barber, and the seed for owning my own shop was planted.

A second son and a failed marriage later, I decided it was finally time to go home. I landed a job in another local barbershop where I was employed for the next two and a half years. By this time, I had given up the dream of owning my own shop because every time I tried to take the step, life got in the way. When tragedy struck in the form of a fire that burned down most of the businesses on the block, and I was forced to re-evaluate my life. Would I work in another barbershop, change fields all together or try and open my own business. I chose the latter, as it finally felt like it was my chance.

In April of 2011, I set up shop in my first location. I’ve now gone from a tiny one room shop where it was just me and my first employee, to a cute two story building with space for 5 and added women’s services,  and now finally to my current space that is a 1400sqft unit with a rustic industrial flare with space for more than 10 service providers and many other services.

Since 2011, I’ve:

  • coached and been coached
  • employed about 20+ staff
  • dabbled in online business
  • travelled for business building seminars
  • won 8th, 4th, 5th, 3rd, and 1st in local fitness competitions
  • Skydived
  • Raced track ready Mustangs

It’s now 2017, I’ve been in business for six and a half years and have been in the Hair industry for 13 years. I’m looking to add to my adventures and skills, and I hope you stick with me for the ride.